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spiritual's Journal

Schroedinger's Kat
22 August
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This journal is no longer being used. My new one can be found at fiercerose.

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absurdity, add n to x, aeon flux, alice in wonderland, alyson hannigan, amadeus, ambi, amorc, ani difranco, anime, ankhs, arcane wisdom, august 22nd, being tied up, ben folds five, blue cats with wings, bookstores, bright colors, bruno, btvs, buffy, burning man, candles, carlos castaneda, celtic, christina ricci, cirque du soleil, cloves, coffee, counting crows, crosses, dance dance revolution, david bowie, ddr, denis leary, dido, djarums, drugs, e.e. cummings, ecstasy, eddie izzard, egypt, egyptian, elves, erasure, escaflowne, euphoria, evangelion, existentialism, faeries, faetal, feminine, ferrets, fleming & john, fresno, gnosticism, godspeed you black emperor, good omens, hallucinogens, happiness, heather nova, heaven, hedwig, icq, idealism, impracticality, incense, intelligent conversation, ione skye, ireland, jackson pollock, janeane garofalo, japan, jeanette winterson, joni mitchell, kandy, kitties, lain, leo, leopard print, libraries, love, mad geniuses, marijuana, mark ryden, masturbation, mcog, midori sours, mischa, mix cds, moon on a stick, mozart, mp3s, mysterious cities of gold, neil gaiman, november project, nutella, oregon, paisley, past lives, peter gabriel, poetry, pointless joy, portishead, portland, purple, quantum physics, radiohead, ramen, rasputina, raves, rei ayanami, ren and stimpy, rockstar, romanticism, roses, rosicrucianism, sailor neptune, san francisco, sarah mclachlan, saturn, shiny objects, silver, sinfest, sluggy freelance, smashing pumpkins, sophie b. hawkins, sunday mornings, sushi, tequila, the maxx, the simpsons, the sims, thespark, they might be giants, timothy leary, today's horrible affliction, tori amos, tower district, trance, tricky, unico, van gogh, vibrators, waking life, webcams, whoopass, willow rosenburg, yoko kanno